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1 Dating Site On Blackberry

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The Nigerian dating scams target the lonely and vulnerable.The most common comment of victims who think they have found the love of their life is "I can't believe I was so stupid!The Nigerian dating scams are hugely profitable.The Nigerians call them 'maghas' which is slang for gullible white people.The scammers spend their day trolling the dating sites and chat rooms for contact emails, and then send off thousands of fraudulent letters and emails awaiting the victim's replies.They are offering the chance of finding true love and happiness, and there are plenty of takers!However sooner or later, the vulnerable hearts receive requests that will ultimately lead to financial losses and heartbreak.The scammers choose chat rooms and dating sites because the person in love offers the chance of the biggest payoffs.How Does the Scam Work?The Nigerian dating scams are often not easy to detect as the scammers are often highly educated, have exceptional patience and they do their homework!The scammers start by stealing a photo from an internet site.They prefer to use images of white people capitalising on stereotypes and perceptions.The photos are usually of beautiful people and the quality of the photo is high.If you think you are being scammed, go to this site and browse all the photos to see if the person you are communicating has a photo on this site.Then you will know for sure it is a scam!However they also use photos taken from profiles of other people on dating sites, so remember that the photos that scammers use are not photos of themselves - they are photos of innocent victims.They also use many aliases, emails, photos, gender, age and sexual orientation in order to cast their net to catch as many victims as possible.Often the scammers use attractive female photo profiles because lots of men will respond to an attractive woman's personal ad based on the photo alone.They also tend to target middle-aged people looking for stable relationships.The rationale is that this type of person is likely to be more desperate, gullible and financially stable.They then post ads with fake profiles on online dating sites.They also lurk in terre chat rooms and social networking sites as well as Christian and other religious-based dating sites.They then spend months chatting up and luring their naive targets with online intimacy.They often pretend to be foreign specialists [from the US, UK or Canada, but can be any European country]temporarily working in Nigeria or other African country.A slight twist is is when the scammer pretends to live in the same country as the victim, and once a relationship has developed, then advise they are required to go to a west African country on an assignment.Some of the sophisticated scammers send cheap presents such as flowers or candy [from stolen credit cards] to capture the hearts of lonely women.Then they choose one of two approaches.They either advise that their employer pays them with Money Orders and they can't cash them in Nigeria or are having trouble cashing them.Then they convince their soul mates to bank them into their bank account and then wire them the money via Western Union.They are often told to keep some of the money for their trouble [which helps to build trust and also helps make them an accessory to the crime!After a few weeks the bank will advise the Money Orders are fraudulent and then the victim is responsible for paying the money back to the bank, and in some cases face charges of passing counterfeit instrument.Sometimes the scammer purchases goods with stolen credit cards but have trouble getting them delivered as many US merchants are now wary of shipping to Nigeria.They ask if their soul mate can re-ship them to Nigeria.Or the alternative is to say their wallet has been stolen, hotel owner holding their passport, custom officials need to be bribed, new plane tickets are needed, they have been victimized and put in jail and need money to bribe their way out, or they need money for an operation etc.The reasons for needing the money will sound plausible.Regardless of the series of mishaps, the end result is the same - the cyber soul mate is asked to send money!How to Spot the Nigerian Dating Scams The person is new to the website or hasn't logged in many times The photo looks like a model or looks 'too good to be true' The profile is not well written You are asked to go straight from on-site messaging to off-site messaging such as regular email or instant messaging [to prevent the dating site administrators seeing the evidence of the scam and kicking them off the site] The scammer will shun live video chat because the photo is fake.The excuse they will give is lack of technology in Nigeria.Do you have any experience or knowledge of the Nigerian Dating Scams to help others.Share your story, tip or review with the world.Enter Your Title e.Nigerian Dating Scams Review Share your story, tip, or review with the world!Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here.You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold.For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story.Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph.Upload Pictures [?Click the button and find the first one on your computer.Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images.
String from Boris Bogdanov - thanks.Yeah we know that you can get PDA thingies which make phone calls - but what the heck.If you got a better idea - keep it to yourself just joking - we'd love to hear from you.Acer Since the arrival of the iPad we're adding all kinds of tablet suppliers.Acer Iconia Android base with default Chrome'ish browser.String from Mark Lynch - thanks.Acer Iconia Android base with Opera browser.String from Ron Silva - thanks.Acer Iconia A Tablet Android 3.String from Leroy Hill - thanks.Acer Iconia Tab WString from Alexander Elsas - thanks.Android aThingies Anything which is not recognisably a major brand our definition - but we can be corrupted by massive infusions of marketing dollars is placed here.Mostly tablets and other mobile thingies.String from Johnny Deydeq - thanks.Silent Circle Blackphone BP1.Company boasts that devices built with privacy paramaount.In this case the device type is missing from the string.String from Johnathan McCormack - thanks.String from James Shields - thanks.String from Nils Stolpe - thanks.String from Kristina Baker - thanks.String from Jennifer Dehoyos - thanks.String from Karen Redmon - thanks.Meteorit 10 with Android 2.Viewsonic Vpad 7 with Android 2.Arnova 8 on Android 1.String from Peter McConnell - thanks.String from Sam Albuquerque - thanks.String from Steve-David Marquet - thanks.Pearl Touchlet 7 inch tablet running Android 2.String from Nate Lindstrom - thanks.String from Pierre Beeslaar - thanks.String from Shannon Thorp - thanks.String from Anita Rossi - thanks.This is the French version.How do we know?No other way to tell is there.String from Phil Gibt - thanks.String from Nikola Rezachev - thanks.String from Mark Packard - thanks.String from Thu Win - thanks.String from Aaron Williams - thanks.Dutch model - how do we know?String from Jan Van Beukering - thanks.String from Pete Serina - thanks.String from Martin Boissoneault - thanks.String from Michael Sesbreno - thanks.UA string for iTunes version - you guessed it - 9.String from Zarek Jenkinson - thanks.Stock iPad 2 - German version.String from Trotter Hardy - thanks.This list defines the various Apple OS version numbers against a variety of hardware and build numbers.Info from Mansu Kim - thanks.Bucket load of iPad strings from logs.Strings from Tomas Hidalgo - thanks.Apple's iPad with mobile safari browser under iOS 4.String from Patrick Yap - thanks.Apple's iPad with mobile safari browser under OS 3.String from Scott D - thanks.Apple's iPhone mobile safari browser under OS 3.String from Craig Reilly - thanks.Apple's iPhone browser tester SDK?String from Manju Agile - thanks.String from Kyle Reed - thanks.String from Jon Bane - thanks.BenQ Taiwanese company that we had never heard of - which doesn't say very much.Their T60 is the slimest phone in the world - they say.Benq mobile phone Model CF61 - details to follow.String from Rangamani Srikrishnan - thanks.Blackberry Research in Motion is now dead, long live Blackberry.Blackberry's original email dodad thingy now does a lot more than just email.And is great if you need to exercise your thumbs.Section dedicated to keyboard lovers everywhere.Now updated for BlackBerry 10 OS which in its first prototype looks like - shock, horror - it has no keyboard.And in passing looks suspiciously like a rectangle with rounded cornersSupplied by alex Svetlev - thanks Curious Explanation:Blackberry Bold 2 chinese knock-off apparently!String from Jossy Ogbuanoh - thanks.Prototype BB10 browser string layout.More info and explanations at this blog.String from Romeo Grugnale - thanks.Blackberry Playbook OS 2.String from Matt Lewandowsky - thanks.Rare example of a Blackberry Playbook string from the wild.String from Jim Davis - thanks.Blackberry Bold running Opera Mini the one that needs an Opera server.String from Tony Sharp - thanks.String from Miranda du Plessis - thanks.Blackberry Bold under OS6.String from Shawn Quick - thanks.Jonathan hints he is not a big fan of its virtual keyboard - we're putting it mildly.String from Jonathan McCormack - thanks.String from Manuel de Sigalony - thanks.Blackberry Torch with software upgrade Safari version number change.String from Josh Lewis - thanks.String from Hecky Fedriansyah - thanks.Blackberry Torch test version.String from Alex Svetlev - thanks.Blackberry Bold II String from Alex Shirley - thanks.String from Isaac Grover - thanks.String from Bradford Ben - thanks.Blackberry with version 4.String from Steve Goodwin - thanks.String from David Weekly - thanks.String from Justice William - thanks.Blackberry e email surprise , phone, web browser, SMS etc..String from Azrul Nizam - thanks.String from Jef Juhri - thanks.String from James Whinery - thanks.Blackberry - much rumoured new Blackberry phone - so we will add to the rumours by suggesting email really , wi-fi and 3.String from Donny Sangster - thanks.Blackberry Pearl running stock browser.String from Alain Saurat - thanks.String from Danny Armstrong - thanks.String from Ben Anderson - thanks.Blackberry i email surprise , phone, SMS, walkie-talkie mode!String from A Levinson - thanks.Blackberry e - email oh yeah , phone, bluetooth, web access andString from Mike Jones - thanks.Blackberry the one where you can talk to your email or whatever.String from John Shirey - thanks.String from Neil Thompson - thanks.Cricket US cellco using network from Leap wireless, Inc.String from Tonya Boggs - thanks.Cricket A messaging phone.String from Patrick North - thanks.While this is the same string as shown below the Cricket CAPTR A Bruce writes that this string is only supplied when using normal page view mode, when in mobile mode it generates the follwing:String from Bruce Clark - thanks.String from Misty Patterson - thanks.Dell Currently an also-ran in the mobile business - but they are trying, occasionally very trying.Using both Android and WM7 bases.Dell Venue Pro on WM7.String from MC Mulder - thanks.Michael also writes that if you use about:String from Gordon Pettey - thanks.Google The search engine speaks.The maker of the first 'superphone' known to mankind aka Nexus One.Oh well, perhaps this one didn't work out so well.But I guess if you are sitting on a gazillion billion dollars you can afford the occasional flop.Still with Nexus S and 7 they show stamina at least.Google's Nexus 6P running Android 7.String from Zio Cane - thanks.Google's Nexus 7 Tablet thingy running Android 4.String from Simon Ratner - thanks.Google's Nexus S running Android 2.String from Bruno Tournay - thanks.Google's Nexus One running Android 2.String from E Gillie or something like that - thanks.String from James Becker - thanks.HP Touchpad with the now defunct WebOS well this week anyway but who knows they may change their mind - again.String from Jeremy Linton - thanks.The is for the US market, for Europe and for Asia and the rest of the world.String from Marius Petrescu - thanks.HP iPAQ hx - one of the 6, models in the range and just see if you can spot the difference from the one below which we swear is a different model.String from Marco De Luca - thanks.HP iPAQ rx - one of the 6, models in the range.String from Jeff Davis - thanks.But when brands are established ego tends to take over.To say nothing of margins.However, their web site is crisp, fast, looks good and does not have all that glizy stuff that almost every other mobile supplier does and which takes about three hours to load each page.Long may it continue.Do these companies never use their own sites?OK we take it all back.HTC have finally succumbed to fashion.All because of some stupid revolving image that looked as if the phone was being thrown into a furnace.Perhaps the owner tried to access the web site from the phone - just a thought.Long live the brain dead oops, we should have said the marketing department.String from mArvin - thanks.String from Hayde Lande - thanks.String from Santos Valle - thanks.String from Martin Chongtham - thanks.String from Leo Rubio - thanks.HTC Vision using android 2.String from Karol Takeda - thanks.String from David Hoegen - thanks.String from Misha McKinney - thanks.String from Zlatin Ivanov - thanks.String from anon - thanks.String from Dan Sicomas - thanks.Interesting string - especially because of the XP OS id - part of the win7 mobile evolution or a bug?String from Alex H - thanks.HTC Desire, Android 2.String from Andreas Kanzler and Tom Trentham - thanks.String from Edward Lenssen and Stan Levine - thanks.String from John Gallagher - thanks.Strange XP designation in string.String from David Rose - thanks.String from Richard Noble - thanks.String from Jeff Sorensen - thanks.String from Petra Seitz - thanks.String from Mark Barnes - thanks.String from Sarah M - thanks.String from Denny King - thanks.String from Jason Mayfield-Lewis - thanks.String from Andrea Messini - thanks.String from Emanuele Ferrarini - thanks.Huawei Ascend Y - string from an Iranian contributor.String from Mehdi Poormohamad - thanks.Huawei Ascend G U on Android 2.String from John Hodgson - thanks.Kindle The Amazon read-it-on-your-screen book device.Amazon Kindle Keyboard with free as in beer?String from Bruce Hobson - thanks.Strange Mac OS X string in this.String from Alan Ogden - thanks.String from Steven Williamson - thanks.Became the biggest PC manufacturer in the world recently.String from Tulasi Raj - thanks.It's probably optimized for OC access.Goodness knows how many years a mobile device will wait for a page load.LG Aristo MS on android 7 nougat with stock browser.String from C Long - thanks.String from L S - thanks.LG K7 MS on android 5.String from Devine Smith - thanks.LG G3 on android 5.String from Stephan Lec - thanks.LG C with a modest sized serial number.String from Holly Keel - thanks.LG Optimus V model:String from Joe Dolence - thanks.String from Cliffann Kinkade - thanks.String from Kelly Carter - thanks.String from Sridhar Prakash - thanks.String from Kent Deyoung - thanks.String from Michele Trovero - thanks.String from April Martin - thanks.LG GT aren't they all these days LG P Optimus Me.String from Candra Williams - thanks.String from Cristian Mantea - thanks.LG Incite on windows Modile 6.String from R Au well perhaps you know who you are - thanks.String from Harald Hope - thanks.A, GPS, Camera - 3.String from John Cline - thanks.Having spent a long time on the web looking for info on this device LG MX we drew a blank.String from Jared Jordan - thanks.String from Eric Bruno - thanks.String from Tom Dalton - thanks.LG as opposed to the , and ranges.String from Richard Podsada - thanks.You cannot sit on your laurels, or anything else for that matter, in the mobile business.Maybe there is life after death.The Droid series seems to have been rather well received.Perhaps not by googleString from Brenda Beck - thanks.String from Hayde Landa - thanks.Motorola MC rugged computer running Windows Mobile 6.String from Kevin Tanzer - thanks.Motorola Milestone - top string is default lower one is in desktop mode.String from Simon Benoit - thanks.Motorola Xoom - german version.String from Larry Johnson - thanks.Motorola Xoom running Android 3 - builds coming thick and fast.String from Andres Benites and Jimmy James - thanks.Motorola Xoom running Android 3.String from Andy Rathbone - thanks.String from Tyson Deal - thanks.Motorola Droid 2 Global with Browser v2.String from Kenneth Farmer - thanks.String from Jake Wasdin - thanks.String from Mike D - thanks.Motorola Droid Android 2.String from Jon Stephens - thanks.WCDMA phone dual band , camera 5.String from Andrew Armstrong - thanks.WCDMA phone dual band , camera - 2.String from MaryAnne Pucovsky - thanks.String from anaymous - thanks.String from David McRell - thanks.Phone, bluetooth, camera, java enabled and MPEG4 video recording.String from Thomas Gossens - thanks.Phone, bluetooth and 1.Motorola i phone - phone surprise , camera, video, MP3 and WAV player and a two way radio function.String from David Freitas - thanks.String from Julian Grammar - thanks.Motorola Razr V3 running a Original string from Daniel Zelisko - thanks.And string information from Kyle Mathhews - again thanks.Motorolas first MS powered smartphone.String from Johathan McCormack - thanks.Micromax Major Indian supplier of mobile thingies.String from rohit singh - thanks.NEC Not exactly a major mobile player.NEC ni i-Mode mobile phone - now these guys understand short strings.The postalmm is the service name that is using the device - see notes at top of page from Charles Gutjahr.Nintendo We just could not imagine naming a section Wii so we filed under Nintendo just to confuse everyone.Seriously they should have contacted the Mozilla folks when they were thinking about a name - those guys would have come up with a couple of hundred or so in the first five minutes and then changed it three times before release - but seriously, Wii, give us a break - sounds like a small Scottish thingy with a Japanese accent.Nintendo Wii U using what looks like and inhouse WebKit based browser.String from Marc Spinntihr - thanks.Nintendo 3DS firmware V.Richard tells us that it will still not render this page - always a sure sign of a weak browser!String from Richard Murphy - thanks.Nintendo 3DS using a Netfront browser apparently replaces the Opera browsers used on some other Nintendo models.Display is x String from Brendan Shillingford and Patrick Hayes - thanks.String from Mark Grandi - thanks.Opera 9 on the newly arrived Wii.Display is x and you can use the trial browser production version targeted for March by watching this YouTube hack video.Nestor reminds us that the DS is actually portable whereas the Wii not again is a non-portable console.Hey what do we know - clearly not a lot.String from Nestor Custodio - thanks.We're sure there is a sensible numbering scheme for Nokia's model numbers, after all they were invented by a marketing person, and we all know how smart they are - it's just we have no idea what it is - so we're gonna re-organize into alpha-numeric order - our alpha-numeric order - which means if you think we made a mistake - you're wrong.For those of you working on Nokia web development Zoltan Szentesi has provided this link which provides information on features supported by a range of devices - thanks.And more - is there no limit to the generosity of mankind - a list of browsers ids for the n80 range - kindly provided by Luis Albinati - thanks.Nokia Lumia again claiming to run almost every known mobile OS in the world.String from Lynn Garza - thanks.Nokia Lumia with WP 8.String from Anon User - thanks.String from Harlover Ajay - thanks.Nokia Lumia with WP 7.
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